Los Olivos Cafe & Wine Merchant - At the award-winning Los Olivos Wine Merchant & Café, you really do “Taste the Central Coast.” The Cafe makes it a priority to choose locally grown, sustainable, ingredients. The Wine Merchant offers over 500 wines ranging from all over the world.

Industrial Eats - A unique experience with two wood fired ovens, kraft butcher shop, big ass fan, tap wines and beers, killer pies, and the coolest coffee machine on the central coast.

Full of Life Flatbread - An Organic Gold 5 Star Restaurant that brings the art of food into Family Style Dining. Crave pizza and you will seek the best crust west of the Rockies if not the whole USA. Crave veggies and they've got you covered. Say Gluten Free and they've got your pizza. Say your stuffed and they bring you more.

Sides Hardware & Shoes - Named for its original storefront, Sides Hardware and Shoes serves new American comfort food. You'll experience excellent service and phenomenal cuisine in this casual Los Olivos scene. This restaurant is a bacon lovers delight, you must try the house made bacon. It is cured, roasted, smoked and maple glazed in house.

The Ballard Inn - The Restaurant at the Ballard Inn is one of the most intimate and romantic dining destinations in the Santa Ynez Valley. With just 12 tables, soft music, candle light, and a roaring fireplace, the atmosphere is elegant and comfortable. And the food is wonderful, Chef Budi Kazali has been named CCM® 's Ultimate Chef. Come see for yourself!

The Hitching Post II - The Buellton Hitching Post was established in 1986, but our roots started at the Casmalia Hitching Post in 1952. It was there that Frank & Natalie Ostini brought "Santa Maria Style BBQ" to its peak of perfection and where children Bill, Bob, Terri & Annette continue to this day. Here at the Hitching Post II in Buellton, we honor that tradition and also embrace the contemporary cooking styles. By combining the old and the new, we have created an exciting cuisine that is uniquely our own.  Along with our outstanding steaks, ribs and chicken, we also serve items such as smoked duck breast, ostrich, home-made soups and outstanding pastries; along with what the Los Angeles Times has called the "best" French Fries in Southern California!

Wine Resources

Wine Basics - Wine has been around for thousands of years, and for a newcomer wine can seem very intimidating. Really, many people in the world drink wine simply as a healthy, enjoyable daily drink. Many people make wine in their own back yards out of the available fruits and berries found there. Wine should not be intimidating or pretentious. It should be something you enjoy for your own personal taste preferences. 

Santa Barbara Vintners Association - Santa Barbara County is different than any other wine growing region in California. Here, the east-west orientation of the coastal mountains forms valleys opening directly to the Pacific Ocean. This unique topography allows the flow of fog and ocean breezes to shape distinct microclimates, perfect for the cultivation of classic grape varietals and world class wines.

The Prince of Pinot and the Pinotfile - The PinotFile is a unique biweekly online newsletter dedicated to keeping readers apprised of news in the pinotphile world including latest releases, wine reviews, winery news, winemaker profiles, what to buy, and how to get your hands on it. 

Wine Berserkers - Wine Berserkers is a community-driven website about wine and food.  This is a free form discussion forum focused on all things wine from all over the world.